We gotta talk about Strap Mania

Explosion of Spectacular Gorgeous-ness

Marc Jacobs Straps on my Lady Dior Med Cannage bag and on my Gucci Marmont medium Matelassé bag, an interesting diverse change for both bags!

Best kept secret! or what! 

Whoever decided to start creating and selling this new wider high-end crossbody strap, as an accessory, is a GENIUS, there is no limit to what can be done for the fashionista bag addict like me! THERE ARE ENDLESS MULTI-iNTER-Chanageable ways, to create the look you want, (yes loving handbags even makes me make up words!) IT'S beyond lucrative for these high-end fashion houses, like DIOR & FENDI who are the most obvious brands to mention but there are many many mainstream, medium level 2nd tier brands doing the same.  

It is a whole new market for the manufacturers and a very lucrative one, doing multiple straps for individual collections, BUT A WHOLE NEW MARKET FOR US, a dazzling new adventure in the world of fashion to explore. I actually cannot believe it was not done before, the idea of the same brand doing an alternative and longer wider strap for the same bag, is an unbelievably appealing one to me and one of the most innovative things to come out of the handbag fashion world in years.

BUT......back to my excitement again!, IT is truly SUCH AN EXCITING TIME, i can't tell you, the fun of changing around straps on bags is a whole new world to explore and it's just a hynotic banquet of magical jollification.

At the moment, the most on trend fashion hit is the crossbody bag, fashion houses that never did them are now creating amazing straps and extra straps to buy separately, embellished ones, rhinestone, bejewelled sparkly gem straps to name but a few, they are an added fashion accessory in fact, as some are full of leather flowers and huge chunky rhinestones and even feathers! what a feast of wondrous magnificence to add to any Outfit Of The Day, (hastag #ootd) (am i going a tad overboard, i suspect I am!) my pictures reflect just a few of the ways you can change around a beautiful bag, but you can always remove it when you are tired of it....and interchange with other bags.  So many to choose from.....from different fashion houses.

It is just fantastic to convert a top handle bag into a crossbody bag, with the purchase of a beautiful new strap. This simple new accessory is creating a beguiling new look for your array of handbags. It broadens the look and the life of any handbag collection. 

The Choices are fantastically endless, it has made it possible for all of us to have such a unique take on how we wear our bags.  Ah the beauty of it all. 

Love in handbags Sissy xxx

My LOUIS VUITTON CONCORDE BAG with a fab NEW Marc Jacobs Strap. A burst of sassy new-ness has come to this bag, of over 20 yrs old. worn and sold as a top handle bag only, We are now ready for multi adventures of a different kind! A great Fashion Pick-me-up.
When I saw these at Dior, my mission was to get one! and fast! I adore both of these. These can be attached to any of their collections as an alternative and of course any other bag you have that matches the hardware.
Plenty of plain leather straps from all different brands not just high end, to be found, if you look for them!
Very pretty the 2 straps, & detachable for other bags now - genius! I think Fendi were the first to experiment and it has caught on.
Pure Class. Previously this could never be worn as a crossbody bag, MADE & SOLD WITH A STRAP THAT DID NOT FIT CROSSBODY, NOW it's SO amazing or rather more amazing than before!
A revolution, It would have been unheard of to mix designers like this, in the past, a Fendi colourful strap on an iconic Hermés Kelly bag, BUT it does look fabulous and adds super colour, i love it, years ago i would not have dared to mix designers like this! it's a revolution, an accepted one! Rebel Rebel!
leather flowers on this one! endless choice though.




This is sitting pretty awaiting a new wonderful cross body strap! BUT always remember in choosing an extra detachable strap, which hardware to choose, you must match your hardware, the strap with the hardware on your bag! This is very important, they do not look well unless the metal is the same.
The red quilted cannage plain one is great for any Lady Dior cannage bag, or other quilted Dior bags, the matching texture is an amazing look. Previous ones were just very plain thin leather ones and not long enough for crossbody.

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