New Handbags from Italian New Yorker!

BLOG NEWS - NEW Luxe Brand of Bags has arrived. PRAMMA MIA - Italian - investment bags to keep with longevity in mind.

Stephania Pramma's collection launched this month July 2015 exclusively at Brown's in London.  This is an extremely stylish new brand from an Italian living in New York, Stephania is originally a jewellery designer with good success and has decided to move on to designer handbags.  
The bags are made of the finest calfskin and french micrograin leather and are mainly structural designed bags, simplicity is the key here.  The interior is fully leather lined and the handles are mainly tubular and long, always an attractive handle I think myself. 
Colours are subtle but chic, french chic! and are a mix of grey, mink, teal, burgundy and chestnut as well of course as black and white.  A very enticing excellent range of interesting colours.
The bags clasps are mainly handcrafted from semi-precious stones set in yellow or rose gold, palladium or dark ruthenium plating, lots with a variety of motifs, including dogs.  
There are 9 styles so far from clutches to shoulder chains and all sizes, small, medium & large and large holdalls also.  
Her bags don't come cheap, they are in the luxe category of bags and are beautifully finished, she is definitely one to watch...
I will post Photos of her bags at a later date, it will be sooner rather than later!
hope you enjoyed my latest news from the exceedingly luxe world of new designer bags.
Sissy x

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Michelle Morrison | Reply 09.07.2015 01.39

Thank you for this interesting informative article on Pramma Mia bags. I can't wait to see the photos.

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