Photo Album

The crystal Lady Bug evening bag

For the bookworm

The oh so very cool Olsen girls have these!

Easter egg!

And...... an open golden egg!


For your special daughter!

For the sweet tooth!

Cocktail anyone?

Love this shape & gorgeous gold colour

Pink Piggy for good luck!

So adorable

Buddha Buddha

THE GREAT GATSBY for sure! very Oldy Worldy, I can see actresses from the 20's using this. Utter Class.

Hello Kitty

Dotey & Ever so Sweet

A very round one, I think!


A burst of colours!

Glamour Glamour

A Bug's life

A Star buy!

Confused? Is this a dog or a cat?

Confused still! Is this a dog or a cat's behind? ha!


Pure Sophistication - I think this one!

Russian Doll

A simple beautiful Rose bag (actually more extravagant than simple really)!

The fabulous coin purse bag.

A colourful bird!

So very cute

Who let the dog out!

A duck minaudière - I like this shape to carry at night. Fits hand perfectly.

Open gift box Leiber bag


baby baby

Dark, Mysterious & Selubrious!

Crystal pineapple!

A wonderful Peacock evening bag

For the Golfer's wife, perhaps!

Meow Meow


A brand selection

Nay nay! Judith Leiber Minaudière

Rosey pink Rosey

Open Rose Leiber bag

An even nicer Leiber coin bag, one of my favourites this, so beautiful.

A Leiber beauty without the hand glued rhinestones, so gorgeous too. clasp is stupendous!

Japanese Gardens

A fruity trio!

Divine Gold And so very glam I think.


The French definition of Minaudière is "a small decorative ornamental precious case for ladies personal items"  - NOW isn't that just a perfect translation.

This Album only contains photographs of wonderful crystal evening Minaudières that are JUDITH LEIBER.

Enjoy these amazing designs.  
I have put a little personal description under most bags.

Sissy x

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