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Oh Balenciaga I really think you have outdone yourself with this new sleek classic style!

This new Design, Le Dix, has little to do with the brand's other most famous bags, the Motorcycle & the City bags, favoured unbelievably by celebs, rock stars, and cutting edge fashionistas, I have to admit, I never favoured them myself, the tassles just looked too untidy for my tastes and the shape never did it for me. HOWEVER, I am so thrilled to announce this new more rigid, ladylike but modern bag with many colours and variations to suit different tastes.  We have been awaiting this moment more or less since the day that Alexander Wang was announced as the new creative director at Balenciaga. 

We now know it was worth the wait - I think so anyway.

(note: iPads do not always show all photos).

Sissy x

I simply ADORE this, so clean & crisp, exactly what I always love in a bag, with a little structure, unfussy, and so far removed from the tassle Motorcycle bags that I never favoured. Am loving the silverware on it too..........expect to see this around for seasons to come.

Alexander Wang for Balenciaga! love the new bags..........

New Le Dix, definitely my kinda bag, clean, smart & lady like!
Alexander Wang is a man of many ‘It’ bags: for the designer’s eponymous line, his elephant-textured leather slouchy buckets, metal-edged x-bodies and street-smart duffles have resulted in a cult following within fashion brackets, celebrity-land and way, way beyond. Even if you haven’t joined the ‘Totes Wang’ club, you’ll know doubt recognise the chunky studded bottom of the Rocco or the sporty drawstring silhouette of the Diego.


Le Dix Cartable in Pearl Gray

When you think of Balenciaga’s most toted bag of the Ghesquiere years – the biker inspired, slouchy, tough Lariat bag - you may be surprised to see just how incredibly sleek Wang’s debut Balenciaga bag offering is. Then again, so was his debut A/W runway. Turning his back on anything remotely casual, Balenciaga's lady won’t be lugging around all but the kitchen sink this season…. Even if the bags are roomy enough.


Le Dix Cartable in black

The American whizz-kid has been eagerly exploring the brand's full archives ever since his appointment last year, and while the name of the ‘Le Dix’ collection references the original Balenciaga salon on 10 Avenue George V and the first scent of the fashion house, we think there's also a signficant visual connection to this rich heritage. The simplicity in Wang’s new project does wink towards the late 1930s/early 1940s, when Cristobal Balenciaga first set up shop in Paris: top handles, boxy totes, zero decoration, muted gold appendages in a stratched texture....


Le Dix Pochette

No excess, no frills. Pure, chic, simple. Some shapes, like the entry-point wrist-strapped Pochette for around £655, bring Le Dix into the present, but there’s no doubt that with the continued adoration for subtle arm candy – think Celine’s Cabas tote or Saint Laurent’s Duffle – all of these styles have more than a bit of till-ringing potential.


Le Dix Pochette
I like this green for winter.
This reminds me so much of my black Kelly, which is a great sign, one of my favourites.
and for all the brown fans! one for you too.
Interesting information: there are 68 number of total parts, although doesn't look like that here, there are 9 individual pieces of hardware and it takes 6 hours of craftsmanship to realize just one bag.
The making of one....
Hang on! it's nearly finished!

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