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Capucines! So very beautiful, lots of shades too!

The AmaZing New Capucines Style of LV

Louis Vuitton says.......

Every bag lover knows the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram pattern, but the House of Louis Vuitton dates back to the mid-1850s and has a long line of heritage and craftsmanship. My newest obsession is the Louis Vuitton Capucines bags, whose name pays homage to the earliest Louis Vuitton Maison, which was located on rue Neuve-des-Capucines in 1854. 

The signature bag may look simple, but it's anything but. The bag is a marriage of two leathers: rounded, strong bull-calf leather alongside supple, silky calfskin. The combination adds a level of discreet elegance that is hard to ignore. 

Consumers have turned away from monograms as a whole, from luxury designers and contemporary brands like Coach alike, and clearly Louis Vuitton listens to its shoppers, Sure, some may still want to buy the classic monogram bags, but many prefer the timeless elegance that remains part of the brand's heritage. 

With the Capucines, you get an extremely very well-made bag, which takes over 250 individual handcrafted operations to arrive at the final product. The colors vary season to season, with one of my favorite renditions right now following the snakeskin handle trend

Another special touch surrounds Louis Vuitton's initials, which have never been seen in this interpretation. The LV initials are sheathed in bull-calf leather and then inserted into claws set into the grain of the leather. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is new for the brand and took its craftsmen much careful development. 

When I learned the intricate design details that went into production of this bag, I expected higher price tags. And with the Capucines, you are looking at some of the largest price tags Vuitton offers for its leather bags. A Capucines can be had for $4,400 for the smaller BB$5,600 for the MM, and $6,050 for the GM via Louis Vuitton.

what a creative yummy LV treat! cake anyone?
I love the very top one! I really want it............
A nice collection there!
I admit, OTT right? Just a little!
My medium Neverfull with pretty LV charm
Such a cool shot I think!

The fantabulous everlasting Louis Vuittons

For New York-area Louis Vuitton lovers (or any of you planning a visit to the city) are in luck. The brand has just unveiled the Atelier at Louis Vuitton Soho, a customization and artistry shop that celebrates the savoir faire of the brand, as well as performing a few more practical functions. 

Inside Vuitton’s Greene Street flagship, you’ll find a room full of the Louis Vuitton store experience you know and love, a room dedicated entirely to the art and science of traveling glamorously, and finally a room dedicated to the Atelier, the first space of its kind in the US (as well as, I’m told, the only one so elaborately appointed anywhere in the world). In addition to displaying a selection of Vuitton artwork and archival trunks, including one covered in a painting of a penguin, the Atelier will feature a daily in-house artisan, available to hand-paint customizations on hard-sided luggage, heat stamp monograms onto things like luggage tags and perform minor repairs on customers’ existing Vuitton pieces. 

Even if you don’t have a Louis Vuitton trunk that you’d like to emblazon with your family’s crest (yes, the Soho Atelier is one of only a couple in the world that will do crests!), i'm sure it would be simply a joy to watch the artist work and inspect the beautifully customized trunks, both historic and contemporary, that line the space’s shelves. An emphasis on personalization and brand history also goes along well with Vuitton’s strategy shift to focusing on a more rarified clientele; I got my largest Neverfull stamped with my initials customised for me especially and I think having something personalized is a unique luxury shopping experience indeed. This pink & orange definitely cheers me up on a dark Irish winters day!

pretty, useful, durable, stylish, amaZing, will I go on.............
NEW! Summer Collection 2013 - Neverfull
New! Epi Leather Neverfull with Accessories pouch
Epi Leather range in Louis Neverfulls, just great & what a range of great colours for any season.
So damn beautiful in every single way!
LV Artists at work. what artistic creative fun doing that all day!
I would love that job!

Louis Vuittons Murakami MOCA Neverfull

Limited Edition & Now a Collector's Item

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