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This is another Fantastic French luxury leather goods company! just how many can there be!  The Longchamp House is still owned by Cassegrain and founded in Paris in 1948 by Jean Cassegrain. Primarily known for its leather and canvas handbags and its travel items.
I will focus here on the Le Pliage design which is my favourite & where it is made of a nylon fabric and whose handles and flap are made of leather and that folds so that it can be stored flat, the bag's simple shape and the wide choice of colours offered made it the brand's most successful product. I can't tell you how many times in the past that I have used these bags especially in an emergency when I have had absolutely no space left in my suitcase!
And still to this day I continue to use them as an add-on handbag, a sneaky extra bag, that I pray to pull off, but very often don't! to carry on the aircraft when going abroad, they really do carry so much, I can always rely on it for the roomy inside, these larger totes are, loyal, no nonsense, very strong, practical & easy especially for travelling and in my opinion this is the perfect use for them, I often have to give it to my reluctant son as HIS cabin bag allowance (in dark brown or black ONLY of course!) just to carry for a bit when I am worried about my own cabin bag allowance, aren't we all worried nowadays with the very awkward strict rules and I have to so much worse for handbag lovers where my ideal trip would be carrying at least 3 varied sizes of different fabby luxurious handbags or totes but hey dream on Sissy darling............
I also remember being in the New York store and also some of the Parisian stores, and thinking that the variety was something else, where this side, the choices are limited I feel - it's only when you go a bit further a field that you notice there are so many designs, even quirky ones and so many different styles and colours.  I was used to really only seeing the more basic styles very often on shopping trips rushing around Harrods or even at airports, where they seem to sell very well, until I decided to visit the New York flagship store (SoHo district) where I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality and many varied designs displayed beautifully in the shop. as I wrote earlier, their leather Pliage range is particularly nice.  My beach bag for the last couple of years has been one of these Pliage bags, very large and very Fushia, just perfect & pretty for the sunny climes which easily matches every type of beachwear going, so it is easy, roomy & effortless. 
In my handbag eyes, I would recommend everyone has at least one of these in their handbag collection, it will ALWAYS help you along your journey and so easy to carry, especially the fact that they fold up so small and neatly if you don't actually have to use them.  These bags will NEVER let you down. 
A strong celeb following also, amongst many others, the Duchess of Cambridge is a huge fan and she has been seen many many times with a great collection of them. 
There are so many stores world wide, I have been in many of their stores, so no excuse to get yourself one, they are in most cities in the world now, in fact there are 1,800 stores in some hundred countries, now that is a lot of stores! and there are an unbelievable 236 boutiques.  
Also for a bag that lasts a very long time, I think they are very inexpensive and well worth the money you spend.   
A huge variety to choose from as an ideal gift to buy for anyone for any occasion, any I have purchased in the past were always delightfully received.
My photos show varied colours of The Pliage - The most popular range. 


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Great post. Very interesting!

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