I Covet Thy Vivier, Wonderful Vivier

Colin & Livia Firth, Both Class Act. She is wearing Roger Vivier's Sequin Pilgrim Clutch, what amazing taste she has! A beautiful complete ensemble.

Great French Label, Roger Vivier

Vernis Noir Buckle Bag

The House of Vivier: 29 Rue du Faubourg St. Honore, Paris. (Also Sloane Street)

The Buckle Bag, The true signature of the Maison, This bag has become a classic chameleon, constantly evolving, season after season. 

The Buckle Bag is to the bag what the Yves Saint Laurent's tuxedo is to fashion: an ultimate icon, an endless gamut, subjected season after season to the creative transformation that makes it the essential item for every occasion.  It takes at least 12 hours to make - every model is made of thirty-six pieces of leather and more than a hundred metallic parts.  Twenty versions of the bag are currently available. This bag reflects an attitude, a personality. This bag reminds me so much of my first Fendi Baguette in black cashmere, the shape, I was so excited to get one of the first sent over from London. Those Baguettes are still sought after so much, even years later, just as all these beautiful Buckle bags will be. Such fun and so many to choose from. I love them! (I won't dare go there, but each one has a shoe to match in several different styles!) 

Bruno Frisoni, the Creative Director at Vivier says that Roger Vivier really liked precious stones, his buckles were reminiscent of the cutting of stones and his shoes were the colours of jewels.  This has been made the signature of the company because it is important to find a strong image. This motif was was obvious and easily identifiable.  The buckle is always hollow, it is a frame.  He fought for the buckle to be given a certain volume, for it to be oversized, more aristocratic than functional.  It is a feature that can seem rigid or bourgeois, but it has been given that playful twist because of its size.  

Inès de La Fressange, the cool chic French Ex Model is the brands Ambassador.  The ultimate Parisian woman. 

So many............
"Pilgrim de Luxe" clutch bag in Satin with Crystal Buckle, ooh ah!
"Armor Armor" clutch in black satin and gold studs
Mirror Folders, India Pilgrim 50's Clutch and Embroidered Folder at Roger Vivier Paris
Belle Vivier Buckle Bag Rocky
"Psyche Delaunay" clutch bag 2007
"Pilgrim Clutch"
Oh my god the beauty of them all......….The Prismick Collection, amaZing. Sloane Street or Rue Faubourg St. Honore Paris.
A cool Blue Suede Prismick Bag - I adore this bag, shape, size, weight, design, colour choice, fabrics.…….………..

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