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A beautiful Zesty sparkly Fan Clutch by Lanvin, for those beautiful evenings.

Chanel Flap Satchel, New Season, 2014 pre-collection

stunning summer Chanel! 2014 collection. happiness!

She is holding a special bag, Judith Leiber of course!

New 2014, Sequin Flap Chanel, gorgeous.

I REALLY DISLIKE THIS..... IT IS SO CRAZY, but there have been 4 cases of people requesting to have graffiti put on their Birkins, just so NOT pretty! makes NO sense to me at all.Yes this is not just about 1 crazy person, there are 4 crazies so far that have had this done! This bag was commissioned and cost several thousand just for the graffiti alone, NUTS! Has this bag been Destroyed or Customized? I think DESTROYED one hundred per cent! You decide!

Beautiful large NAVY classic calfskin flap Chanel 2.55, a beauty to hold & Own!💙💜💚💛❤️

A great Vintage Chanel

Me on my holidays! The bag most used..............

would love to wear this Kelly with an all navy outfit

Stunning Roger Vivier Designs that I covet.....

DVF lips of course! Fun bag.

The Fendi Baguette minature colourful USB keys, how cute are they!

The Blogger of the Past!

Me in St. Mark's Square, Venice - with one of my favourite bags!

Beautiful leather Fendi peek a boo

This girl spotted and photographed on the street at Dior in Paris, taken by The Sartorialist, I love the look & clutch.

So cool

I saw this on Pinterest and it is Ernest Hemmingway & Lauren Bacall in Spain. I would really really love to know what handbag she has with her, it looks great.

Can you spot me and my bag in Venice?

Anya's Maxi Zip

This is a great handy shoulder bag and has cute penned compartments for just about everything! Anya Hindmarch of course!

Such a cool pic! Of course it's because of the summer Neverfulls!

A Dior Scene

A beautiful H scene!

I think this scene in the movie Australia is lovely, especially the super luggage!

Me in Venice. my classic double chained quilted lemon bag that i love

Les Cakes De Bertrand A fantastic French brand that Fortnum & Mason carries of ingenious beautiful make up bags, small clutch bags and wash bags, just stunning.

Hermès Exhibit

Hermès exhibit

craftsman at work, Hermès exhibit

Crafts woman at work at Hermès Paris workshops

Hermès Exhibit

Hermès threads

Leather Room - Hermès Exhibit

Hermès exhibit wall of hanging leathers they use

Hermès exhibit - what stunning boots, whip and saddle. Now where's my horse!

Hermès exhibit

Hermès exhibit

Mulberry: Always adore that colour

Simply WOW!

my girlie limited edition Lulu Guinness! I adore it. This epitomises femininity at its best.

Have you seen what it says, "Don't forget your lipstick" girls!

I love the lipstick ornament on top girls!

A shoulder or clutch :)

all these from Chanel Métier d'art 2013 Collection Simply stunning 💕💋

utter class!

Satchel days!

UNREAL! perfection, amaZing........

Sweet God! this is unreal, amaZing!

The latest tweed look from House of Chanel


Chanel: For a special evening delight.......celebrating the Scots night!

The Sporran bag, latest collection Chanel Métiers d'art 2013 - This one for all the Scottish out there!

so cool for all the drinkers out there!

love navy

Divine & what a magnifico colour?

My classic black 2.55 in lambskin, 15 yrs old, and still looks great.

Hilarious on entering Exhibition! A Kelly sculpture!

Leather Hermès Garden Party bag, amazing versatility, great bag.

The AH Maud, love it.

A pink one

A green one

The great Maud bags

One of the very cool sought after Chanels in the Christies On Line Auction June 2013. I lost the bid on that one :(

Mellow yellow

Hermès Kelly

Garden Party

Selection of great Hermès Garden Party bags

See article on handbags in magazine

AmaZing vintage Chanel quilted patent Vanity Case at Christies On Line Auction 2013

A raspberry charming Chanel delight!


Harrods Narratives Window July 2013 cool photo

This is a Giant Loewe bag, made out of the very tools that made the bags! Harrods Window Display today 5 July. Harrods Narratives London.

Harrods Giant Bags - Narratives Window Display July '13

Great Tools! tools they use to create handbags

Harrods Giant Bags in Window Display Limited Edition MCM

The amazing creation Loewe bag for Harrods Narratives, made out of giant tools that create handbags, what great inspiring creativity. This is in Harrods Window till 24th August 2013 in case you JUST HAVE TO view it!

Anya of course! maxi zip, nice combo i think, suits winter more i'm thinking.........

Statement & Currently for sale in Brown Thomas Dublin Jan 2014

The Damier collection of Neverfulls, I love the name, Neverfull!

latest collection

two-tone leather

Prada's window Display, Harrods Narratives

Vintage - Hermès

OBVIOUSLY Chatting about handbags!

Hermès White Togo leather Birkin 40cm

A furry Chanel 2013

One of the first drawings.......

Judith Lieber clutch Handbag - yes all rhinestones glued on by hand, look at the bees!

Judith Lieber rhinestone crystal bag, a gift!

Judith Lieber bag, I name this, the gift box!

it's a dogs life! another wonderful clutch by Judith Lieber

Judith Lieber cake bag

Pure Class - Judith Lieber bag - adore this one

Celine Trapeze bag

New collection, Chanel BOY shoulder bag

Anya's Marano Eye Twister Swirl Clutch

Have a look inside Anya's Marano eye twister swirl clutch!

These are real diamonds on clasp. This is a great company to get a Birkin or Hermès of any kind & fast! I have never needed to use them yet but I have heard great reports, Créateurs de Luxe.

An Hermès leather corset

The Great Roger Vivier

A great LV for rolling stuff!

Mint Balenciaga

A Fabulous Selection of Birkins

All things Hermès

Reese is wearing her new white Birkin very well!

Marvelous Marchesa!

Love this pic

A Valentino one!

Stunning Ebury AH - bucket list!

AWESOME colour in this Celine Luggage Tote

The woman behind the great brand, Anya Hindmarch in her Bespoke Shop on Pont Street, off Sloane Square, London.

Anya Bespoke

I love Anya's cool vanity kit

New Chanel Exhibition Sept 4 2013

A portrait which is part of the Chanel Exhibition College of Fashion London Sept 4, soon & can't wait! A blog will be written so keep checking in!

Patchwork Louis!

DVF lips

Goyard explained!

Cool for summer clutch!

Coco Chanel's trunk made especially by Goyard Paris France

Bottega Veneta with JSP!

Love the Louis!

Winter days with Sophie Hulme's Armour bag.

Tory Burch of course, lovely shade of purple.

just 'cool', nothing else!

New Louis Vuitton Soft Lockit bag 2014

This Album is a collection of photos that I really like, the odd few repeats from other blog posts because I think they deserve a second viewing. Really hope you enjoy my varied Album of wonderful handbags  Sissy x

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Missy Morrison | Reply 02.07.2013 16.09

Sophisticated, stylish, just beautiful...What an homage to the workmanship of these talented designers. Missy.

Laura Mahony | Reply 11.06.2013 02.43

Hi Cousin Christine. I love all the beautiful Handbags. I hope you are going to include shoes next. The very best of luck!

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