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My Lady peeking out!

There are just NOT enough words for this beauty! 

The patent Lady Dior handbags are just one of my all time favourites, my own navy patent Lady Dior has accompanied me on many lovely trips and it still looks as new as the day i walked out of the store in Monaco, a good few years ago now.

just last week in Harrods, I could not believe my eyes with all the new candy colours they have in that same patent design.  what beauties they are and what a display they have there.  i thought I would die.........I didn't......... but I was almost breathless staring and touching all the different fab sizes it comes in............all for different appropriate occasions and ready to accessorize any stylish outfit!

The Brolly is such a bonus and fits in beautifully in its special little space.




I will never forget seeing the ladies walk with these on the streets of Paris many years ago, my mission was to obtain one fast! it slots in nicely but for the photo i have placed it a little outside. I adore the combo and let's face it, we always need a brolly here in Ireland!
This is the largest size they do in the Lady Dior. Lady Diana was such an avid fan and may have catapulted them into Vogue far faster for Dior, either way, I adore their design and my most favourite style are the patent designs.

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31.08 | 11:35

Bottega Veneta is known due to its quality of goods. I bought a bag before my and that is really reliable.

13.05 | 02:44

Do you have the reversible red hobo circus bag in red / white?

12.07 | 09:28

I’m following your beautiful Instagram for fashionable classic updates thank u! ♥️💥