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I began to write about handbags as a project of passion for the most revered accessory there is, YES, THE HANDBAG. Aiming to give opinionated, informed & analytical views on outstanding handbags in the fashion business world. My passion for fashion is a life long love story that comes from my father who was at the top of his game in the industry for many many years. I hope you like my blogs & my photos ~ please check in regularly for new additions & daily updates listed in the column on the left hand side of this website on the front page ~ find out the latest handbag news here with Sissy! 

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"You were given Life; it is your duty in this find something beautiful within life, no matter how slight". 




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Christine M Adamson 👄
New Balenciaga's Le Dix bag - translated is "No. 10" Avenue George V, the original salon for Balenciaga in Paris. Alexander Wang new Creative Director, presented his first collection on Feb 28, 2013.

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Thanking you so much ~ July 2018


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Eva | Reply 22.10.2017 02.01

Stylish, classy & beautiful this website, just like you my dear. From a fellow Blogger Eva xx

Natasha Rocca Devine | Reply 19.10.2017 23.30

I love your blog! Well done Christine ❤️❤️❤️

Seraphina | Reply 18.10.2017 02.49

Sissy’s passion for the art of the handbag is palpable.

What a superb page!

Keep posting...👜

Margita Elise | Reply 05.10.2017 19.32

Hello Doll, you have style in your fingertips my dearest, love to hook up with you in the next month or so, i am travelling and hope to firm up a dinner date x

Sharon | Reply 02.08.2017 02.04

You have great style, your dress sense, I love it, and now your handbags, and your blogging, I'm a fan! Sx

SYLVIA | Reply 03.08.2016 12.35

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Carmel | Reply 19.07.2016 03.25

I'm loving your stylish website - i expected nothing less from you, you always look so pretty and stylish and it was great to see you last week.
Love always

Michelle Morrison | Reply 09.07.2015 01.41

This webpage is a beautiful book... please publish soon... M x

Laura Mahony | Reply 02.10.2014 15.53

Love them all. Thanks for sharing cousin!!
Well done.
Laura xx

Betsy | Reply 16.09.2014 17.59

One blog is nicer than the other what amazing taste you possess! Thanks for sharing. Love it all.

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Do you have the reversible red hobo circus bag in red / white?

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I’m following your beautiful Instagram for fashionable classic updates thank u! ♥️💥

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